Coordination of development

How is the development of neural, vascular and lymphatic elements of the kidney coordinated with the development of the nephron epithelia? This must occur as the pattern of, for example, the arterial plexus within the organ is very highly regulated.


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    Lauren Brasile

    During the 1990’s the major reason why tissue engineering attempts to develop biohybrid organs failed can be attributed to the lack of vascularity. This problem remains an obstacle to current efforts in regenerative medicine based upon stem and progenitor cell constructs using scaffolds and matrices. In vivo cells are never more than a few microns away from a blood vessel. The development of technology that can substitute for vascular function in delivering nutrients, oxygen, etc. to the cells within 3-dimensional, differentiated structures would solve a major barrier in creating tissue and organ replacements.

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    William Fissell

    I think this is an insightful comment, as a major barrier remains blood flow distribution, both within artificial and bioartificial devices. The transition form macroscopic vesseles ot capillary networks remaons extermely challenging.

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